VIDOTEACH combines all the important functions for media-supported learning. Use any existing videos, didacticize them, add interactive tips, comments and questions. Create exams based on videos or PDFs. Give teachers live feedback with one click or ask questions about content.

Data protection & data sovereignty

VIDOTEACH is data protection compliant in accordance with current German law.
All software is open source – open source code means security & sovereignty.
When used in the cloud, VIDOTEACH runs exclusively on servers in Germany.

Functions & possibilities


Video timed questions about the content

Comments and questions

  • As a teacher or lecturer, ask further questions or set tasks for the video
  • Give learners additional information & links
  • Break down or translate videos
  • Enable analysis and discussions

Marking in the video

Markings in the video

  • Set video time-accurate markers
  • Use the markers as jump points
  • Ask learners marking questions
  • Example biology: “Mark the apoprotein in the video”
  • Generate more attention for the content


Feedback on presentations

Live feedback on presentations

  • Record lectures and presentations
  • Get live feedback from the audience
  • Evaluate the recorded feedback
  • Improve your presentations
  • For traineeships, training and teaching

Test and evaluation

Exams and tests in the video

  • Post tasks directly in the video
  • Generate more attention for the content
  • Use VIDOTEACH for exams
  • Multiple choice, single choice, free tasks or marking questions
  • Have tests evaluated automatically


    Independent learning with videos

    VIDOTEACH makes self-directed learning child’s play. You can insert both text markers and visual signs at the appropriate points in the video image to create a customized learning experience.

    Reflection tool

    The reflection tool makes it easy for learners to analyze video material independently in order to develop a deeper understanding.

    Live Feedback Tool

    During lectures or presentations, participants can easily give instant feedback without interrupting the learning experience, improving interaction with the presenter.

    Task in the video

    VIDOTEACH makes it possible to insert tasks into videos to check understanding in a fun way and promote interactive learning.

    Media-supported lectures

    Teachers can easily add didactic value to existing videos to make lessons more interactive and easy to understand.

    Examinations and tests

    VIDOTEACH makes preparing for exams as easy as possible. As a teacher, you can not only use relevant video content, but also easily create exams with questions and image markers. This makes targeted exam preparation and the implementation of video-based exams even more effective and flexible.