Cooperation, development and history

With the VIDOTEACH application, EGroupware receives an extension for video-supported learning and teaching. Further development and integration into EGroupware is currently being carried out as part of a collaboration between RPTU and EGroupware. The aim is to create a scientifically sound learning platform in EGroupware.


Rhineland-Palatinate University of Technology

Further didactic development of VIDOTEACH

The further development of VIDOTEACH is accompanied by didactic support through cooperation with the RPTU. The following are involved
Prof. Dr. Christoph Thyssen
Prof. Dr. Leo van Waveren
both working at the RPTU.
After each learning cycle with the participants of the RPTU (teachers and students) and other users, the tool is analyzed and further developed according to the feedback regarding usability and learning effectiveness.

EGroupware GmbH

Software development & hosting

Development, support, consulting and analysis

EGroupware GmbH specializes in software development and cloud hosting – with a wealth of experience. Development, hosting and support in Germany guarantee maximum data protection and sovereignty.

With VIDOTEACH, EGroupware is expanding its range of open source software with a scientifically based learning platform.

The experienced team of developers is constantly optimizing the tool and is the point of contact for customer queries.

Scientific development

The scientific development of the tool is carried out by Prof. Dr. Thyssen and Prof. Dr. van Waveren from RPTU and M.A. Arash Tolou. Together, we drive research and innovation to create a high-quality solution.


Didactics of the Rhineland-Palatinate Technical University Kaiserslautern-Landau as a partner

Creative solutions and secure software are developed at VIDOTEACH through the interdisciplinary collaboration of various participants from research and development. Here are some of the partners and employees who make VIDOTEACH what it is.

Birgit Becker

Analysis & consulting

Hadi Nategh

Software development

Arash Tolou

Requirements Engineering & Scientific Development

Prof. Dr. Christoph Thyssen - RPTU

Didactics of Biology, Head of Scientific Development

Prof. Dr. Leo van Waveren - RPTU

Technical didactics, partner scientific development

History & naming

The roots of VIDOTEACH go back to the “ViKoLe” project at the Rhineland-Palatinate Technical University (RPTU), where the first component of the tool was developed as a small technical solution. The entry of EGroupware GmbH opened up new options and led to independent research and development.

During a temporary, project-related cooperation with the University of Tübingen on development, the tool was temporarily known as “LivefeedbackPlus”.


Research and development then continued under the project name “smallPART”. Finally, the interactive video tool was given its final name VIDOTEACH. At the same time, the option to give teachers live feedback on their presentation was successfully integrated into the solution.

These developments reflect the continuous adaptation and improvement of our tool to the needs of the education community.

The result is a learning video tool based on the latest scientific findings in the field of didactics.